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Washed Wool - Navajo Churro Lot D

Washed Wool - Navajo Churro Lot D

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Navajo Churro is a conservation breed double coated wool with the inner coat fiber is fine to medium and is protected by a long outer coat that is medium to coarse. Kemp hair, as well as medullated fibers in small amounts is normal, whereas there should be little to no defined crimp.  This fleece is a first shearing so it's a slightly softer representation of the breed.  Washed wool is good for spinning as is, blending with your own fibers, dyeing or felting.  


While these fibers have been cleaned and processed, as with any natural fiber, there may be some vegetative material found.


Fiber: Navajo Churro Wool

Weight: 8 or 2 ounces

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