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Green Goat Ranch

Pre-Order Plying Pair - Cyrilla & Aine

Pre-Order Plying Pair - Cyrilla & Aine

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This item is a pre-order.  It will ship 2 weeks from ordering along with any other items purchased in your order.  


Immerse yourself in the enchanting dance of seasons with our Beltane collection. Each plying pair elegantly combines a 2-ounce braid of naturally dark Midwinter roving and a 2-ounce braid of naturally light Midsummer roving, harmonizing in the same captivating tone. Sourced from wool pools east of the Mississippi, processed by R H Lindsay, and hand-dyed at Green Goat Ranch, these fibers capture the essence of magical transformations. Revel in the richness of color, with a staple length of approximately 3" and a softness measuring 29.5 microns. While cleaned and processed, expect a touch of nature's charm with some delightful VM. Elevate your fiber crafting experience with the Beltane collection, where Midwinter meets Midsummer in a symphony of hues. 


Sliver roving is about half the width of commercial roving and twice as long.

Color: Cyrilla & Aine

Fiber: 100% American Wool

Weight: 4oz

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