The Talk of the Ton: A Bridgerton Collection

The Talk of the Ton: A Bridgerton Collection

Dear Gentle Reader, a new Season is upon us and I thought we would take a look at the women who gave the ton a lot to speculate about. From Daphne's luck in charming the Duke of Hastings to the scandal that was Edwina, Kate and Antony, and what of the tiff between Eloise and Penelope? The Bridgertions do not disappoint in giving something for us to talk about, however I want to take a moment to really look into each woman and what about them inspired me for this collection.


Let's start off with our very first season and our very first diamond, Daphne, the oldest sister of the Bridgerton clan. She is poised, gentle and kind. The perfect dutchess in every way. She has a bright spirit, someone who was born to be a mother and head of the household. For Daphne's Plying Pair I went with a white and gold roving to signify her perfection as our first diamond paired with yellow, pink, and purple roving to show the brightness she brings to the Duke's life. 


From one Brigerton sister to the next. Eloise the spunky, take no nonsense woman who wants to make her own way in her life while also trying to unmask me. She looks down on the ton and doesn’t seem to be interested in marriage. She wants to break out and have more than just a family. She wants something that she is passionate about like books and knowledge. Eloise's Plying Pair is a soft pink with browns like the books she reads matched with a dark Bridgerton blue to take ownership of the Bridgerton name. 


The Newest Viscountess is Kate. A bold new personality that captured the heart of the viscount. Kate came to us last season as a chaperone for her dear sister to match well in the marriage mart. She has her family's interest at heart and that's what we love from her. Putting her wants on the back burner to make sure her sister has the life she wants. For Kate's Plying Pair I wanted to go with colors you couldn't ignore just like her feelings for the Viscount. Each roving has rich colors like a beautiful turquoise and deep pinks, corals, and mustards. 


The second named diamond is Edwinia with her loving nature and compassion fills the shoes left from the last diamond. She handles herself with grace in the midst of scandal. She knows exactly what she wants for her life and is not afraid to leave the altar to get it. When I think of Edwina, thoughts of a soft beauty like petals of flowers come to mind so for her Plying Pair I chose a soft palette of pinks and purples that will spin just as lovely as she did on the dance floor. 


Our dear wallflower Penelope always stands around the dance floor unless a Colin Bridgerton escorts her through dances. This is the second season where she has no prospects but the tide is changing for this wallflower. Penelope is sweet and charming and is best friends with Miss Eloise Bridgerton. Most often we see them chatting together at one ball or another. Seeing what the next season has in store for us it gives us the Penelope glow-up where she finally chooses colors that complement her. So I wanted to do the same for her Plying Pair choosing greens and soft peaches that make her stand out.

As for me, Lady Whistledown, I have the tons secrets at the ready with just a flick of my quill. Always giving society something to talk about through my scandal sheet. Whether it is who left who at the altar, or news of the latest happenings that took place at the last ball…Have  you heard the New Lord Featherington has fled back to America after fleecing the ton of their hard earned money? Scandalous I'm sure. Lady Whistledown writes with wit and is the number one source for scandal to represent that in a Plying Pair I chose a golden roving matched against roving with dark deep browns, and golds like ink of a piece of paper. 


Shop the Bridgerton collection. It is the perfect collection to spin and imagine you are in the rich world of the ton and choose which one of the bridgerton women you are. Are you A Diamond of the season like Daphne and Edwinia? Or are you not interested in the ton like Eloise or Penelope? Or like Lady Whistledown and Kate, are you here to have a good time and see how this season turns out. Either way you can shop the Full Collection over at Also keep an eye out for a surprise art batt inspired by the new couple of season three of Bridgerton.

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