A Spinning Journey Through Oz

A Spinning Journey Through Oz

At Green Goat Ranch, we're thrilled to unveil our latest fiber collection inspired by the enchanting world of Oz. As a lifelong fan of the iconic tale, this collection holds a special place in my heart, thanks in part to my Dad, who instilled in me a deep appreciation for the imaginative and colorful world of Oz.


Drawing inspiration from Gregory Maguire's novel and the hit musical "Wicked," our collection celebrates the complex characters and rich storytelling of this beloved universe. At the heart of the collection are two batts that pay homage to the iconic characters of Elphaba and Glinda, whose intertwined destinies shape the narrative of "Wicked."



Our Elphaba batt captures the essence of the misunderstood green witch, blending a gradient green base with elements that reflect her complexity. From the deep hues of black and green Sari silk to the ethereal shimmer of black bamboo and green faux cashmere, this batt embodies Elphaba's resilience and inner strength. The addition of black holographic sparkle adds a touch of magic, mirroring Elphaba's journey from outcast to heroine.



In contrast, our Glinda batt embodies the grace and elegance of the Good Witch of the North. With a gradient pink base reminiscent of Glinda's signature gown, this batt sparkles with pink firestar and periwinkle faux cashmere, symbolizing her ethereal charm and compassion. White lyocell and cotton nepps add texture and whimsy, reflecting Glinda's gentle spirit and unwavering optimism.



But what is a story without its supporting cast? Our plying pairs represent the colorful array of characters that populate the world of Oz. From the roguish charm of Fiyero to the wisdom of Doctor Dillamond, each pair is a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures that pay tribute to these beloved characters.



From Boq's shades of blue and grey to Madame Morrible's bright greens, our plying pairs bring to life the diverse personalities of Oz's inhabitants. Whether you're spinning a tale of adventure or weaving a tapestry of friendship, these pairs are sure to add depth and dimension to your spinning projects.



At the heart of our Wicked collection lies a rainbow of colors that reflects the vibrant tapestry of Oz. From the emerald greens of the Emerald City to the ruby reds of the Wicked Witch's castle, each color tells a story of magic and wonder. Whether you're a fan of the classic tale or a newcomer to the world of Oz, our collection invites you to embark on a spinning journey unlike any other.



Collection Anatomy 
Red - Nessarose
Orange - The Wizard
Yellow - Fiyero
Green - Madame Morrible
Blue - Boq
Purple - Dr. Dillamond
Color Theory Exploration
Get creative with your color choices by exploring different color schemes. Choose complementary colors for striking contrast (Yellow & Purple), analogous colors for harmonious blends (Red, Purple, Blue), or triadic colors for a vibrant and balanced look (Orange, Purple, Green). With our diverse range of hues, the possibilities are endless.



Join us as we spin our own tale of magic and wonder with our Wicked collection. With each fiber, we pay tribute to the timeless tale of friendship, courage, and redemption that has captivated audiences for generations. Let your imagination take flight as you create your own spinning masterpiece inspired by the world of Oz. After all, as Elphaba and Glinda taught us, there's magic in every twist and turn of the yarn.

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