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Green Goat Ranch

Rolags - Hoth

Rolags - Hoth

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Transport yourself to the frozen wilderness of Hoth with our exclusive rolag set, meticulously crafted to capture the icy beauty and rugged terrain of this iconic Star Wars planet. Each 2oz blend features an icy blue wool base, evoking the crystalline glaciers and expansive ice plains that define Hoth's breathtaking landscape. Enhanced with accents of blue and grey silk, faux cashmere, bright blue bamboo, and white lyocell, our rolag set invites you to embark on an unforgettable spinning journey through the frozen tundra.


  • Icy Blue Wool Base: Our rolag set boasts a cool and refreshing icy blue wool base, reminiscent of the frozen vistas of Hoth's polar regions, setting the stage for your spinning adventure into the heart of the Star Wars universe.

  • Arctic Expedition Accents: Infused with blue and grey silk, faux cashmere, bright blue bamboo, and white lyocell, each rolag captures the essence of Hoth's unique terrain and wildlife, from the shimmering ice crystals to the rugged cliffs and valleys.

  • Echo Base Inspiration: Channel the spirit of the Rebel Alliance with our Hoth-inspired rolag set, featuring hues reminiscent of the Rebel Alliance's temporary headquarters at Echo Base, where brave rebels plotted their daring escape from the clutches of the Galactic Empire.

Journey into the Heart of Hoth:

As you spin with our "Frozen Tundra" rolag set, immerse yourself in the frozen wilderness of Hoth and embark on an arctic adventure like no other. Whether you're crafting delicate yarns for knitting, weaving, or felting, our rolag set promises to transport you to a world where ice and snow meet in a symphony of beauty and danger.

Join us as we venture to the icy reaches of Hoth and uncover the secrets hidden beneath its frozen surface. May the Force be with you on your spinning journey through the Star Wars galaxy!


Color: Hoth

Weight: 2 ounces

Ingredients: Merino Wool, Faux Cashmere, Silk, Bamboo & Lyocell

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