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Rolags - Coruscant

Rolags - Coruscant

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Embark on a spinning odyssey through the vibrant heart of the galaxy with our exclusive "Cityscape Brilliance" rolag set, inspired by the iconic planet of Coruscant. Crafted with a 2oz blend of luxurious fibers, our rolag set captures the essence of Coruscant's bustling metropolis with a navy blue base, accented by striking black bamboo, vibrant chartreuse, and bright blue silk, along with shimmering amber firestar and pristine white lyocell. Let the energy of Coruscant's towering skyscrapers and bustling streets infuse your spinning with unparalleled brilliance and excitement.


  • Navy Blue Base: Our rolag set features a rich navy blue base, reminiscent of the endless expanse of cityscape that covers Coruscant's surface, setting the stage for a spinning journey filled with intrigue and adventure.

  • Vibrant Accents: Enhanced with accents of black bamboo, vibrant chartreuse, and bright blue silk, our rolag set captures the dynamic energy and cultural diversity of Coruscant's bustling streets, adding depth and dimension to your handspun yarns.

  • Shimmering Highlights: Infused with shimmering amber firestar and pristine white lyocell fibers, our rolag set pays homage to the radiant glow of Coruscant's orbital mirrors and the ingenuity of its inhabitants, adding a touch of brilliance and sophistication to your spinning creations.

Experience the Magic of Coruscant:

As you spin with our "Cityscape Brilliance" rolag set, prepare to be transported to the vibrant heart of the galaxy, where every twist of the wheel unveils the wonders of Coruscant's bustling metropolis. Whether you're crafting dazzling art yarns for weaving, knitting, or felting, our rolag set promises to ignite your imagination and elevate your spinning to new heights of creativity and excitement.

Join us as we journey through the dazzling streets of Coruscant and discover the magic that awaits amidst its towering skyscrapers and bustling thoroughfares. May your spinning adventure through the Star Wars galaxy be filled with wonder, discovery, and the thrill of creation!


Color: Coruscant

Weight: 2 ounces

Ingredients: Merino Wool, Faux Cashmere, Bamboo, Silk, Firestar & Lyocell

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