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Green Goat Ranch

Plying Pair - Feign Death

Plying Pair - Feign Death

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Step into the mystique of the “Feign Death” plying pair—a blend that evokes the deceptive allure of this enchantment spell. One 2-ounce braid features a solid midnight blue Merino wool roving, while the companion braid boasts a vivid gradient—from fiery orange to a hot pink-red to regal purple—dyed on a Merino wool and Stellina sparkle blend. These fibers intertwine to reflect the spell’s essence, offering a yarn that captures the secretive depth and intrigue of an otherworldly slumber.


While these fibers have been cleaned and processed, as with any natural fiber, there may be some vegetative material found.


Color: Feign Death

Weight: 2 2oz braids (4oz total)

Ingredients: Commercial Merino Wool, Merino Wool, Stellina

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