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Plying Pair - Madame Morrible

Plying Pair - Madame Morrible

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Enter the cunning and manipulative world of Madame Morrible with our Madame Morrible Plying Pair. Made from premium Rambouillet wool, this pair embodies the formidable headmistress's ambition and thirst for power. The first braid showcases bright greens, symbolizing Madame Morrible's cunning intellect and strategic prowess. The second braid features a captivating mix of yellows and greens, reflecting her ability to manipulate those around her with ease.


While these fibers have been cleaned and processed, as with any natural fiber, there may be some vegetative material found.

Color: Madame Morrible

Weight: 2 2oz braids (4oz total)

Ingredients: Rambouillet Wool

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