The Spooky Girls Collection

The Spooky Girls Collection

Every time the fall equinox comes and goes, it allows us to shift away from the light colors of summer to something darker for fall. With the changing of the leaves, we get to explore different sides of ourselves.

The crisp air comes, and the crunchy leaves give off so much color inspiration. How could we not show a beautiful color palette to go with everyone's favorite spooky holiday? I love the natural oranges we think of when we imagine Halloween. Orange, rust, greens, and reds are the colors I chose to convey the traditional Halloween color palette.

Products from columns left to right -Swiss Family sunset- Art batt, Amalthea- Border Leicester Cloud, Beer Flight -Handspun, Callisto- Border Leicester Cloud

Taking inspiration from the pumpkin spice color and in true fall girl autumn, we had to include bright orange, berry, and gold to round out the fall girl vibe. We can imagine a girl with a chunky hand-knit sweater sipping her pumpkin spice latte going to a pumpkin patch. 

Products columns from left to right - Callula -Roving, Breena- Roving, Everything- Art Batt ,Doc's Workshop- Art Batt , One way out - Plying pair, Doozer Domes- Art Batt

We love fun and quirky, spooky movies like The Love Witch, using the Love Witch film as the basis of our next mood board. We selected a combination of pinks and purples that could hide the possibility of horror under the saccharine-sweet color palette.

Products columns from left to right- Dolores- Art Batt, Valeriana- Roving IO- Border Leicester Cloud, Flora - Carding kit Cyrillic Roving, Summon Fey- Art Batt

Dark Coquette was the inspiration for this color palette. Think what Elvira, The Mistress of the Night, or woman vampires would select for their wardrobes. Colors such as deep Plums and blood reds were our go-to colors, having something mature and nocturnal to round out our mood boards for fall.

Products columns from left to right- Everything -Plying pair , Sophia- Roving , Dispel Magic- Art Batt , Phobos, Border Leicester Cloud,Trash heap- plying pair, Feign Death- Art Batt

To unleash your inner Vamp or pumpkin spice girl shop the curated collection at the Green Goat Ranch website to get your Spooky Girl Vibes underway!

Green Goat Ranch: Spooky Girl Autumn

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