The Magic Behind Spell Components

The Magic Behind Spell Components

Imagine a magical world in which we can conjure up animals for defense, Summon lightning at the drop of a hat, or even have the ability to Speak with plants. Sarah from Green Goat Ranch does this with her collection Spell Components. Taking inspiration from many role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, she creates a world where colors weave in and out with each other to create magical spells.

Each spell is different, letting Sarah imagine each color of the magic. She takes a spell call lightning and conjures up colors inspired by thunderstorms. Yellow, Gold, and Blue hues mixed to create the perfect spell component Art Batt. Similarly, with the plying pairs, she takes color inspiration from the spell Speak with Plants and chooses cool colors such as greens and blues and blends them with a coordinating deep blue to create a beautiful yarn when spun. 

To capture the whimsical nature of this collection, Sarah spun one of her Art Batts into a double-plyed bulky weight yarn. Using Speak With Plants, she created a beautiful botanical-inspired color explosion. Blues weaving in and out of bright greens and gold sparkles harmoniously pair with knit picks to create a beautiful project.

Knit as Lavanya Patricella's Beginner Brioche Cowl, the stitches allow the hand-spun yarn to be front and center. The tuck stitches let you create a beautiful fabric that keeps you warm by trapping your body heat. Having A Simple project like this allows you to spin a full Art Batt to create a gorgeous piece of knitwear for your winter wardrobe.

Knitting this cowl was such a fun way to re-learn brioche. Working with the speak with plants two-ply hand-spun with a gorgeous forest green bulky yarn from knit picks created a fun color palette, which allowed you to see the difference between the brioche stitches to get a handle on the brioche knitting and brioche purling, while the thickness of the yarn holds the shape of the stitch if you make a mistake and need to fix it. 

Photographed with elements of role-playing games such as dice, dried flowers, and a mead mug, help create a complete world of this magical collection by Green Goat Ranch that you can't help but want to fall into yourself and explore but don't forget to roll for initiative. 

Are looking to spin a little magic of your own, head over to the Green Goat Ranch Website to shop the Spell Components Collection. Choose from all the magically different Art Batts and Plying pairs to cast on your spell. 


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Latanya Patricella Beginner brioche cowl



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