Stephen West bubble cowl knit in Green Goat Ranch Rainbow Art Deco collection

The Glamor of Art Deco

When we think of Art Deco, images of The Empire State Building or The Great Gatsby’s Opulence come to mind. Art Deco is a vibrant art movement from the early 20s to the 30s. Its influence touched everything from architecture and fashion to household products like vacuum cleaners and radios. Peaking at the Green Goat Ranch Rainbow Art Deco collection, we can see that we still take inspiration from this art movement.

Using the rainbow as her starting point, Sarah uses bold colors inspired by the Art Deco movement for its fabulous graphic designs. Plying Pairs take vibrant hues such as red or yellow fibers and blend them with the pearlescent white and inky blacks to mimic the bold flat nature we see in the images of that time. While the Sparkle Pack shares the same colors as the Plying Pair, the Sparkle Pack captures the sense of glamor this decade had with jewels and sleek chrome touches. 

A beautiful pattern we chose to show off the glamor of this collection is The Bubble Cowl by Stephen West. We loved how this bold cowl encapsulated the silhouette of a fur shawl with Bubble Stitches. It is also fun and playful, with the possibility of playing with colors for every row, using every color of the plying pair set to create an extraordinary piece. 

 Our sample knitter Corinna took each 4oz roving and spun each color of British Wensleydale, bamboo, Merino wool, and stellina into a two-ply worsted weight yarn. Doing this allowed each color to shine as we knit it into each row of bubble stitches. The pattern constructed in a tube allows the double layer of fabric to trap air and keep you warm on colder days. 

Photographed at a local art deco theater, we thought it was the best backdrop for the collection. Merging the two inspirations together, Art Deco and Rainbows, we styled the Bubble Cowl in a rainbow dress with makeup and hair reminiscent of the time period. Showing the different ways you could style this cowl. 

If you are looking to spin a project with a hint of the glamor of the 1920s, check out the Art Deco Collection only at GreenGoat and snag a plying pair, or even a beautiful art batt each named with a popular 20s name like Genevieve, or Dolores.



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