Hand spun Project Ideas: The Shift

Hand spun Project Ideas: The Shift

Two of my favorite things are spinning and Disney. So when Green Goat Ranch announced this Fantasyland collection, I could not have been more excited. Having something Disney that's fiber related brings back the many magical memories I had at the Disney parks. Like waiting for the Princesses to come out during the parades and eating mickey shaped pretzels. 

Square image with two sections of text and three images. first text box is orange and reads hand spun project ideas the shift. The second text box reads Mine Train Plying Pair. under that is a photo of a knitted cowl with shifting rainbow colors and slip stitches, along with blue, purple, red, orange 2oz roving for spinning and plastic diamonds. next image has three skiens of hand spun yarn in orange, purple, and brown. Last image is of a brunette girl holding a diamond to her eye wearing the cowl surrounded by trees.

This collection: is inspired by the classic Fantasyland attraction Seven Dwarfs Diamond Mine Train in Walt Disney World Florida. It opened during the summer of 2014 replacing the old Snow White's scary adventures. While on this fun ride, you sit in a mine shaft cart, beginning the journey through the caverns and working your way to the diamond mine. You'll see all the beautiful gems as you watch the seven dwarves hard at work. 

Colorful image with three polaroids layered. First images shows a stack of braided roving in alternating colors orange/ red, blue/ purple/ brown. next image is of the seven dwarfs in front to the mine train ride at Disneyworld. last image is of fluffy wool in orange, green, blue, purple carded in a batt.

This plying pair takes the signature colors of each one of the dwarfs to create the bright, bold colors we saw in the mine. The second colorway of roving is a great neutral brown inspired by the Caverns of the diamond mine the seven dwarfs work at. Mine Train plying pairs work so great because you have the colors work together. The neutral color will allow the brights to pop the way the diamonds stand out during the attraction. Especially with the pattern chosen to bring this spin to life. 

image is of a triangle cowl with slip stitches layered with 2 oz rainbow roving on the right and vintage Snow White image and diamonds on the left.

 The Shift by Andrea Mowry is an introductory pattern to mosaic knitting. This simple mosaic motif uses the slip stitches to create a symphony of color and patterns by allowing the shades to flow from one hue to another. The pattern is aptly named because you'll have so much fun knitting along and seeing how the colors shift as you work. Working with this particular colorway Mine Train allows you to take the full inspiration of the ride and work to create your own "gems" with the slip stitches. 

image is a close up of the slip stitch cowl showing the subtle fades of the yarn in contrast to the slip stitches. poison apple mug in the right hand corner of the frame with plastic diamonds spilling out.

Knitting with handspun is always an adventure. You get to decide everything from the very start of the project. Our sample knitter Corinna took each 2oz roving and spun each individual color of Rambouillet wool into a fractal spin to create a worsted weight yarn with beautiful color shifts to blend the colors of the finished skein of yarn. Doing so creates a gorgeous twist to make the finished garment cozy.

Brunnette woman with circle glasses holding up a Dimond to her eye while wearing the slip stitch cowl with diamonds on the folds. wearing blue striped overalls and black top. surrounded by trees.

Shop this MAGICAL Collection now! At  Greengoatranch.com. Under the Fantasyland tab, you'll find Mine Train, Small World, Prince Charming's Regal carousel, and Peter Pan's Flight plying pairs. Snag one today!


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