Taylor Swift Eras Spinning Collection

Taylor Swift Eras Spinning Collection

This past year, we have witnessed the Phenomenon that is the Taylor Swift Eras Tour.  Seeing Swifties plan and make their outfits on TikTok, making Friendship Bracelets to trade at the concerts, as well as a fun game called Swiftball where fans guess which outfit Miss Swift wears for each Era set. Then you have all the fun things Taylor does for her fans. She adds Easter Eggs in music videos, Instagram captions, and pictures to hint at her next re-recordings that are coming out. (Did anyone else think we were getting a Reputation announcement on November 26th because it was her last show in Brazil, and she hinted that something was coming out on National Cake Day? GUILTY!) Inspired by the puzzles and fun that the Swiftie community shares, we created our own Eras Fiber Collection! 

Images of cowgirl boots, butterflies, trucks, and acoustic guitars usher in the first Era of Taylor, known to Swifites as Debut. Taking color inspiration from her album cover, we chose to stick with Greens and Blues to show off her Natural Country Girl image. Relive this Era by spinning a Batt and singing ‘Picture to Burn’.

Products columns from left to right- Benevolent & Useless Irritation -Art Batt, Dapplefruit & snow- Roving, Meadowbriar & Jade Roving, Myrtle - Wensleydale Cloud, handspun, Myrtle - Art Batt 

We don't know how it gets better than Fearless! Taking the Golden color reserved for this Era as our main inspiration, we chose Rovings and Art  Batts to signify the Optimism of this album. While making it a Love Story with the flowered balcony imagery, we chose a beautiful Roving dyed Yellow, Purple, and Pink to add to your spinning list.

Products columns from left to right- Callisto -Clould, Daisyflip & snow roving, The Mummy - Art Batt, LInaria -Roving, Genevieve - Art Batt, Genevieve - Roving

Sparks Fly when we enter her third era of Speak Now. A long-awaited re-record that we got announced at her Eras tour! Songs like ‘Long Live’, ‘Enchanted’, and ‘I Can See You’ from the Vault. Have us singing at the top of our lungs. We had to keep in the Purple theme and curate the perfect Purple-Hued collection! It's such a Royal color, perfect for Queen Swift!

Products columns from left to right- Sophia- Roving, IO- Cloud, Twilight Sparkle - roving, La Vie en Rose- Roving, La Vie en Rose - Art Batt

You bet we think about this next Era all too well. Red was Taylor Swift's first album with Pop and Rock influences. With the re-record, we experienced a tonal shift on this album from its Country Roots to a more Cozy Pop album. We wanted to lean into the Autumnal Vibes this album makes us feel with Rovings and Art Batts that take inspiration from her new images while still honoring the original spirit of the album. We chose to pull Reds, as well as complimenting it with Neutrals such as Browns and Grays.

Products columns from left to right- Breena -Roving, Doozer Domes- Art Batt, Ganymede- Cloud, Dracula- Art Batt, Dolores - Roving, Applejax - Roving

Only in Our Wildest Dreams did we think we would get Taylor's version of 1989 this year. This album, her first entry into the Pop Genre, was named for her birth year. We had to take inspiration from the overall Summer quality of the album, not to mention the Seagulls that are synonymous with the album. We chose to pull battlings with White, Gray, and Blues for the main focus of our curation. 

Products columns from left to right-Star bird & snow roving, LXI- Cloud, Lucky - Battling, Rarity- Roving, Sherb - Battling

There will be no explanation, just REPUTATION...because we are dramatic.

Products columns from left to right- the Bride - Art Batt, Speak with plants - Art Batt , Elvina - Roving, The Bride - Roving,Wolfman - Roving

The Lover Era is a special one for all the Swifties because it's the first album that Taylor owns. She shed the dark imagery from Reputation for more light hues such as pink and pastel rainbows. For this era, we chose rose-colored batts and rovings as well as orange, blues, and greens to play off the themes Taylor had for all the imagery of this era. Catch us jamming to some of our favorites of this album, such as The Man, Paper Rings, and Cruel Summer.

Products columns from left to right- Fruit Loop Shake 3.0, Pinkie Pie - roving, Frushi - Art Batt, Beverly - cloud, Violet lemonade - Roving

The Next Two Eras Folklore and Evermore dropped as surprise albums in 2020. Considered by many as sister albums, they gave us an exploration of teenage love triangles, cottage core ideals, and Escapism. I love how they lead from one to the other in the music videos Cardigan to Willow. To show that transition in our collection, we chose green-hued Batts to represent folklore with a transition Art batt inspired by the music videos to lead into the rusty oranges and browns of Evermore as a nod to the invisible string tying you to me.

Products columns from left to right- Swiss Family sunset- art batt, Lorraine - Art Batt, Europa - Cloud, Call to lightning - Art Batt

Products columns from left to right- Farinosa- Roving ,Fraggle rock, Wolfman- Art Batt, Nutmeg -Roving , Fraggle rock - Art Batt


Taking inspiration from seventies fever dreams that are Anti-Heroes and Lavender Haze music videos, we pulled together purples, dirty yellows, and dark blues. We wanted to add Mohair clouds as a nod to the Lavender haze clouds. With This collection, you can meet us at midnight. 

Products columns from left to right- Gorgs' Castle - Roving, IO- Cloud,  Winnifred - Roving, Eye of Aldhani- Art Batt


Watch our Instagram because we might have a surprise drop of our own. 

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