Are We Ready To Spin? A Tour De Fleece Experience

Are We Ready To Spin? A Tour De Fleece Experience

Can you hear it? The sounds of spinning wheels whirling? Maybe it could be wishful thinking because Tour de Fleece is fast approaching. It's one of the best times of the year when we get to put away our knitting and come together with all the spinners in the fiber community to focus on spinning in July. Tour de Fleece coincides with the bike race Tour de France. We have our teams and goals, and depending on the team: the objectives will differ. Some groups are competitive and focus on who spins the most. Some are just about cheering each other on and spending time with this craft. When do we start? We start on the first race day in July.

When I learned how to spin in February 2020, I had no idea this event existed. Learning more and more about the spinning community and devouring every how-to-spin video, article, and fiber maker I found on Instagram, I came across Green Goat Ranch. I saw a post about Joining her team, Team Mohair For the Dame, for the Tour de Fleece. Her team is a non-competitive team, and the goal of this team is to work on techniques while making friends. Being the shy person I am, believe it or not, I took the chance and signed up. 

My first-year goals were to foster community, meet other spinners, and work on my newest craft. I bought some batts, had my drop spindle, and was off! I started learning different ways to prep the fiber for spinning: as someone new to spinning, fiber preparation is crucial to the result. I split batts to make it easier to manage. While working through my spins, I found my comfort zone was a DK / Worsted weight yarn, but I also pushed myself to try to go as thin or chunky to challenge myself and see how the fiber changed in various weights. 

In my second year at Tour de Fleece, I rejoined Team Mohair for the Dame, this time with my sister. We had so much fun documenting our daily spinning adventures on our youtube channel Twin Aura Knits. Every day we would set a goal. For example, an objective could be, spinning for 30 minutes or trying a two-ply technique. Like the race Tour de France, we also had challenge days. During those challenging days, my sister and I would go up against each other. We would pick a theme and spin our way through the new techniques we had learned to beat the other person. Think craft corner Deathmatch. We would add beads, play with color, and add mohair to our spins. Once finished, We would photograph them and put up a poll on Instagram to see who spun better. ( just for bragging rights) 

I honestly can not wait for this year's Tour de Fleece. My goal is to spin for specific projects this year. The main project I want to work on is a Disney-Inspired Harley Sweater by Julie Robinson for Knit Collage. The batts are picked out and waiting for when the wheels start in July. If I finish spinning for the Harley, I have two projects that I would want to work on. The first one is a Guardians of the Galaxy shift or cowl, and the second project is a fractal spun yarn for my Alpenglow, both designed by Andrea Mowry. 

What are your thoughts about the Tour de Fleece? Want to join a fun team that cheers you on while working through your goals? Join Team Mohair for the Dame. Details on how to join in will be coming later in June. Hope to see you there!

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