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Green Goat Ranch

Rolags - My Songs Know

Rolags - My Songs Know

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"My yarns know what you spun at the wheel

So ply em up up up, ply em up up up

Ply em up up up, I'm on fire"


Inspired by the fiery intensity of Fall Out Boy's hit song, these rolags feature black Merino wool infused with vibrant, multi-colored dyed firestar, creating a dramatic sparkle reminiscent of flickering flames against the darkness. Just like the lyrics, these rolags capture the raw energy and emotion, ready to ignite your spinning creations with fiery passion. Light 'em up and let your imagination blaze!


While these fibers have been cleaned and processed, as with any natural fiber, there may be some vegetative material found.


Behind the Collection

Color: My Songs Know

Weight: 2 ounces

Ingredients: Merino Wool & Firestar

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