Handspun Yarn - Corundum
Handspun Yarn - Corundum

Handspun Yarn - Corundum

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Corundum is a handspun yarn inspired by the crystal of its name.  Corespun in sections to give it a color-blocked effect in greys, burgundies, and turquoise.  This a limited run skein with only 6 created blending wool, mohair, nylon, bamboo, and silk.  I spun this yarn on my Spinolition Hopper spinning wheel corespinning the fiber around a cotton thread core.  Corundum measures 48-58yds and is a super bulky weight yarn.  


This yarn uses mohair fibers grown here on Green Goat Ranch.  


While these fibers have been cleaned and processed, as with any natural fiber, there may be some vegetative material found.


Color: Corundum

Weight: Super Bulky

Length: 48-58yd

Ply: Corespun

Ingredients: wool, mohair, nylon, bamboo, silk, cotton thread